2017 Nationals to feature new Mixed Mixed Doubles event!

Start networking as soon as you arrive at our 2017 Nationals in Eau Claire this year because we're featuring our latest event: The Mixed Mixed Doubles! 


  • Pairs must consist of 1 Male and 1 Female player
  • Both players must represent different schools
  • Both players must have qualified through Nationals either through the teams or the respective singles events
  • Direct invitees will have priority pairing when multiple requests are made for a single player 
    • Still conflicting requests will be determined through a proprietary algorithm by Kagin Lee


  • Seeded Round Robin groups of 4
  • 1 pair advances to Single Elimination


  Deadline: 4/6/2017
  URL: http://nctta.org/champs/2017/registration/mixedmixeddoubles/

April Fool's everyone!