Season of Giving--Helping College Table Tennis

Greetings! On behalf of the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association, I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the exciting sport of college table tennis. The National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA) is a government-recognized 501©(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting competitive college table tennis in the US and Canada. NCTTA works with USA Table Tennis, the sport's national governing body, to further progress the purpose and development of table tennis in America.
Check out this highlight reel from our 2018 iSET Collegiate Championships this past April!
We have 150+ institutions of higher education competing in college table tennis. Our participation of women's teams has increased to 50+ schools, reflecting a steady increase in interest among female athletes. NCTTA continues to be the center point for Collegiate Table Tennis in the USA and Canada and will host regional events for qualifiers of division meets, as well as administering its own singles and doubles events.
Every organization requires financial stability to meet its goals, both long and short term. Each year our board of directors is challenged to find new and creative ways to meet these goals. All of our directors are volunteers and participate because of our love for the sports - we can really use all the financial help we get!
These funds will be used towards, but not limited to:
  •  Scholarships
  • Division/Regional assistance
  • Equipment
  • Promotions
  • Team support
  • Organizational development
Not only will you help strengthen a developing sport, your donation is tax-deductible as well. We sincerely thank you in advance for all your support.
If you would like to help us reach our goal, you may:
  • Donate directly from your paycheck from work, check here to see if your company will match your donation!  
  • Submit your contribution online through PayPal:

Please email if you wish to donate a different amount! 

ISET College Table Tennis Coaching--a Success!

Orlando, Florida at the 2018 USA Table Tennis US Open was the location for the most recent ISET College Table Tennis Coaching class. Alan Chu, Willy Leparulo and Logan Zimmerman were the class conductors. Zimmerman is a recent coaching class graduate and NCTTA Coaching Committee member, from Florida State University.
Thanks to ISET for their continued support of the program which serves to create more professional college table tennis coaches throughout the country. NCTTA's overall goal is to create more retention among schools and help create more scholarship programs.  Thanks to Joola for use of their tables and to Gordon Kaye and Mark Thompson of USA Table Tennis for their incredible hospitality and assistance throughout.    
Leparulo says, "Without their help we wouldn't be able to hold this class at the US Open. We are so fortunate to have such willing partners." The US Open featured some amazing competition, but beforehand there was this amazing class where a who's who of Florida's top College Table Tennis programs were in attendance from University of South Florida, University of Central Florida, Florida International University and Florida State University.
Thanks to all that participated in the event!
Newly certified coaches are above

20 Years and Counting--Florida State University Table Tennis

By Michael Reff (Florida State Alum)

NCTTA Media Committee

Florida State University Table Tennis team in 1998 (above) to current 2018 team (beneath)


Although a baby pong player's on the way,

The passion project of table tennis at FSU,

Started with a young man in 1998,

Who was about to embark on Graduate school.

A platinum anniversary, Willy Leparulo

Has been a stalwart founder and active coach,

For 20 years he really has much to show,

His legacy as a leader's beyond reproach

FSU TT has been in the champs 5 times,

Leparulo's been a player, coach and advisor,

Womens, men/coed teams and singles have seen their prime.

Each new experience makes him the more wiser.

We all know Willy as NCTTA president,

But when it comes to twenty years we salute you for club building well spent.

NCTTA Members--Doublefish Balls Discount

For 2018-19 season, the best price that Doublefish balls can be purchased through its US distributor is $110 for every 100 balls. This is an increase of 37.5% over previous years and this is after the negotiation by NCTTA representatives.

The purpose of this is to establish a new avenue for NCTTA member schools to purchase balls directly from Doublefish factory in China for a heavily discounted price.


The 2018-19 NCTTA season will be using the latest version of Doublefish V40+ balls.

These balls are different than the ones used in previous seasons and can be identified by the yellow star on the top left corner of the box with text ‘TEAM WORLD CUP 2018-2019’.


Price (including shipping)






$US 260



$US 460



$US 280



$US 500


*Duty/Customs: may potentially be charged to the recipient, especially given the capricious US/China economic relationship right now.



Balls will be shipped directly from DF factory in Guangzhou and the estimated time to arrive in the US would be 1-2 weeks. It will be harder to pinpoint the exact delivery date since customs is an unpredictable factor.

If you need balls by a specific date for a specific purpose, please order directly from the US supplier.


I want to order

We are currently looking for a few buyers to test out the purchase process. You’ll obviously receive all of your money back if we are unable to fulfill the order.

If you are interested, please fill out the form here, a seperate mail with payment link will be sent to you ~Wednesday Oct 3rd.

Limit: 1 order per person/school as we are in the alpha testing stage



Q: Can I resell the balls

A: No. These balls are meant as a member benefit for NCTTA schools/athletes to practice with.


Q: Can I receive the balls in China and bring it back to US/Canada by myself.

A: Not right now. Shipping to China requires more logistic efforts, will roll out in the near future if there is sufficient demand. Here is the approximate price to have the balls shipped to China






~1200 RMB

Shipping dimension [cm]




~2300 RMB

Shipping dimension [cm]



Q: I have more questions!!!

A: Either add a comment here directly on this document or email: I will add common questions to this Q&A section.


NCTTA Coaching Certification in Sunshine State in December

The iSET NCTTA College Table Tennis Coaching Certification class is coming to Florida on December 15th and 16th. This is the weekend before USA Table Tennis US Open!

Gordon Kaye and USA Table Tennis graciously have allowed NCTTA to set up shop in the very convention center where all the fun will begin that following week.

Come get your College Table Tennis Coaching certification! Previous classes were held at the University of Iowa and Zing Table Tennis Center. iSET is sponsoring these Coaching Certification classes, and material from this class is taken from the ITTF Coaching Manual as well. Those that complete the class can get a USA Table Tennis Club coaching certification as well as a NCTTA College Table Tennis Certification.

When: December 15th and 16th

Where: Orlando Convention Center where US Open of Table Tennis is to be played

What: College Table Tennis Certification Coaching training

Sign up today! Click here

(Picture of Ohlone College from a couple of years ago being coached by Weida Guan aka "the milk man")


Summer is over and the new 2018-19 season has started for a plethora of NCTTA schools with others joining the new Fall semester in the coming weeks.

Don't delay get signed up for NCTTA's league and tournaments!

NCTTA has been busy over the summer months so make sure you read up our NCTTA Rules!

To register for NCTTA:

1. Fill out NCTTA Registration here

2. Print out NCTTA Eligibility form here (scan/email after your school has stamped it and bring to 1st event)

Deadline to get registered is October 6th!

NCTTA College Membership Discount With USA Table Tennis

NCTTA member schools and its players now get an amazing discount from USA Table Tennis by joining as a club and player!

Join as a USATT club for $25.00 (normally $75) 

  1. Run your own tournaments (read: make TONS of money on a fundraiser)
  2. Get access to great CLUB INSURANCE (Which most of your schools don't provide!)

All this for only 25 dollars for the academic year (until May) and it is open to any NCTTA member school

Join USATT as a member for $25.00 (normally $75)

  1. Get access to tournaments around the country without having to pay any ratings fee!
  2. Get a USATT rating which you can use to raise your college rating, click here to update your NCTTA rating
  3. Participate in more tournaments (Table Tennis is fun!)

All this for only 25 dollars for the academic year (until May) and it is open to any College club player of any NCTTA member school



Karin Fukushima
College: Lindenwood University
Major: Business Administration
Year graduated: 2013

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

I’m Karin Fukushima from Brazil and played for Lindenwood University from 2010 to 2013. Today, after 5 years, I am in Brazil again and working as a Senior Consultant in the Analytics practice at Deloitte.

What do you most enjoy about your profession?

I love being a consultant because you never stop learning! Every project is something new, it feels like it is a new job everytime. You get to know important people in big multinational companies and your network keeps growing all the time! Besides that, you get the chance to work abroad and have new experiences.

What else are you up to?

About tt, I was playing until last year. But since this year I decided to focus in my career, I decided to play it just for fun.
Other than that, something that I am trying to do is to go to the US every year to visit the friends I made throughout the years, and I’m very glad I could do it in these last five years.

Any wise words for the current crop of college athletes? 
Enjoy each moment! College life is awesome and for sure you will take with you all experiences and friends. It’s gonna be really fun when you get together after a few years and laugh about college stories!

Favorite NCTTA memory?
Hmmm.. this shouldnt be my favorite but it is a funny story! There was this time that I was playing a match and it was broadcasting online! And during the match I sad a few bad words in portuguese! And for me it was not a big deal because not many people would understand! Buuut after the match, Willy came to me and said: “Karin, you should watch your mouth, I understood every word you said! But the amount of comments during the match was fantastic because everybody who was watching was asking what those words meant! So, thats ok! I can forgive you!”

So, if you are an international student/player, dont say bad words, Willy can understand you! Haha!

But for sure, my best memories are the dinners after the tournament, the little parties that we had in someone’s room, the team spirit during the nationals and for sure the friends that I made.

NYC Schools--Opportunity For You

AYTTO, in partnership with NYC Dept. of Ed and NCTTA, is currently recruiting assistant coaches for NYC PSAL high school table tennis team as well as coaches for middle school programs for school year 2018-2019.

Think about the positives:

  1. Most University club sports need community service hours and this one qualifies
  2. A great addition for those looking to supplement a resume!
  3. They *might pay you!

First work assignment will start in October. Time needed is usually two days a week from 2:30 pm to 6 pm on weekdays. Those who are selected can earn community service credit and/or coaching fees. Please submit your contact as well as your playing and coaching experience to

Pre-Season Tournament Set for Zing Table Tennis Center

By Andy Kanengiser
NCTTA Media Chair

One way to get the 2018-19 table tennis season off to an incredible start is to take part in a new tournament being launched.

The date is September 29 at the Zing Table Tennis Center in Easthampton, Massachusetts. The fabulous place is Easthampton’s Keystone Mill Building where men and women gather for league play every Tuesday evening.

This newly announced NCTTA pre-season tournament is as good as it gets for college players in late September.

Justin D’Antonio, the NCTTA’s Upstate New York,Central division director, is delighted to help get this one organized. He’s worked hard in August to get the word out to players, coaches and fans about this inaugural event.

He dubs it an Inter-Regional event. Players in the Northeast Region and the Great Lakes are those he’s targeting with invites. Bring a paddle and a table tennis uniform and have a little fun that Saturday. It’s well-timed with upcoming Fall NCTTA tournaments just down the road.
“Let’s make this tournament a success so that this NCTTA event become a yearly thing,’’ D’Antonio says.

In the real world, Justin works as an analyst with Amplify Energy in Liverpool, New York. No doubt, he’s bringing lots of energy to this pre-season tournament in the Northeast.

Pre-season action is nothing new to the NCTTA family. In recent years, table tennis players at Ohio State battled Michigan in the pre-season Friendship Cup. The Buckeyes and Wolverines played their hearts out with paddles in hand. Afterwards, they enjoyed fellowship time at an area restaurant once the games were over. Some of the players from the fierce Big Ten rivals actually ended up becoming friends!

Teams at schools like Florida State University also have a history of organizing tournaments pre-season and around the year to boost skills of student-athletes.

The Inter-Regional Tournament won’t involve the biggest college rivalries in the USA.
Justin hopes to see college players from as many teams in the Northeast and Great Lakes Region sign up. He’s even distributed a flyer that he sent to regional and divisional directors along with the NCTTA leadership team this summer.

Players, the invite is out there to get in the swing of things at the Zing Table Tennis Center. It’s going to be one terrific Saturday of college table tennis!

“We definitely encourage this type of pre-season competition,’’ says NCTTA President Willy Leparulo. “The more such events like this, the better. It will be a great tune-up to the 2018-19 season.’’

Contact Justin at to sign up!