Summer is over and the new 2018-19 season has started for a plethora of NCTTA schools with others joining the new Fall semester in the coming weeks.

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NCTTA has been busy over the summer months so make sure you read up our NCTTA Rules!

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Karin Fukushima
College: Lindenwood University
Major: Business Administration
Year graduated: 2013

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

I’m Karin Fukushima from Brazil and played for Lindenwood University from 2010 to 2013. Today, after 5 years, I am in Brazil again and working as a Senior Consultant in the Analytics practice at Deloitte.

What do you most enjoy about your profession?

I love being a consultant because you never stop learning! Every project is something new, it feels like it is a new job everytime. You get to know important people in big multinational companies and your network keeps growing all the time! Besides that, you get the chance to work abroad and have new experiences.

What else are you up to?

About tt, I was playing until last year. But since this year I decided to focus in my career, I decided to play it just for fun.
Other than that, something that I am trying to do is to go to the US every year to visit the friends I made throughout the years, and I’m very glad I could do it in these last five years.

Any wise words for the current crop of college athletes? 
Enjoy each moment! College life is awesome and for sure you will take with you all experiences and friends. It’s gonna be really fun when you get together after a few years and laugh about college stories!

Favorite NCTTA memory?
Hmmm.. this shouldnt be my favorite but it is a funny story! There was this time that I was playing a match and it was broadcasting online! And during the match I sad a few bad words in portuguese! And for me it was not a big deal because not many people would understand! Buuut after the match, Willy came to me and said: “Karin, you should watch your mouth, I understood every word you said! But the amount of comments during the match was fantastic because everybody who was watching was asking what those words meant! So, thats ok! I can forgive you!”

So, if you are an international student/player, dont say bad words, Willy can understand you! Haha!

But for sure, my best memories are the dinners after the tournament, the little parties that we had in someone’s room, the team spirit during the nationals and for sure the friends that I made.

NYC Schools--Opportunity For You

AYTTO, in partnership with NYC Dept. of Ed and NCTTA, is currently recruiting assistant coaches for NYC PSAL high school table tennis team as well as coaches for middle school programs for school year 2018-2019.

Think about the positives:

  1. Most University club sports need community service hours and this one qualifies
  2. A great addition for those looking to supplement a resume!
  3. They *might pay you!

First work assignment will start in October. Time needed is usually two days a week from 2:30 pm to 6 pm on weekdays. Those who are selected can earn community service credit and/or coaching fees. Please submit your contact as well as your playing and coaching experience to

Pre-Season Tournament Set for Zing Table Tennis Center

By Andy Kanengiser
NCTTA Media Chair

One way to get the 2018-19 table tennis season off to an incredible start is to take part in a new tournament being launched.

The date is September 29 at the Zing Table Tennis Center in Easthampton, Massachusetts. The fabulous place is Easthampton’s Keystone Mill Building where men and women gather for league play every Tuesday evening.

This newly announced NCTTA pre-season tournament is as good as it gets for college players in late September.

Justin D’Antonio, the NCTTA’s Upstate New York,Central division director, is delighted to help get this one organized. He’s worked hard in August to get the word out to players, coaches and fans about this inaugural event.

He dubs it an Inter-Regional event. Players in the Northeast Region and the Great Lakes are those he’s targeting with invites. Bring a paddle and a table tennis uniform and have a little fun that Saturday. It’s well-timed with upcoming Fall NCTTA tournaments just down the road.
“Let’s make this tournament a success so that this NCTTA event become a yearly thing,’’ D’Antonio says.

In the real world, Justin works as an analyst with Amplify Energy in Liverpool, New York. No doubt, he’s bringing lots of energy to this pre-season tournament in the Northeast.

Pre-season action is nothing new to the NCTTA family. In recent years, table tennis players at Ohio State battled Michigan in the pre-season Friendship Cup. The Buckeyes and Wolverines played their hearts out with paddles in hand. Afterwards, they enjoyed fellowship time at an area restaurant once the games were over. Some of the players from the fierce Big Ten rivals actually ended up becoming friends!

Teams at schools like Florida State University also have a history of organizing tournaments pre-season and around the year to boost skills of student-athletes.

The Inter-Regional Tournament won’t involve the biggest college rivalries in the USA.
Justin hopes to see college players from as many teams in the Northeast and Great Lakes Region sign up. He’s even distributed a flyer that he sent to regional and divisional directors along with the NCTTA leadership team this summer.

Players, the invite is out there to get in the swing of things at the Zing Table Tennis Center. It’s going to be one terrific Saturday of college table tennis!

“We definitely encourage this type of pre-season competition,’’ says NCTTA President Willy Leparulo. “The more such events like this, the better. It will be a great tune-up to the 2018-19 season.’’

Contact Justin at to sign up!


2018 Elections: Candidates and Voting

To all NCTTA member club presidents/representatives:

Candidates for NCTTA board positions have submitted their Statements of
Intent, and voting is now open.

Here are the candidates and links to each one's Statement of Intent:

Vice President External
Joe Wells -

Randy Kendle -

Athlete Representative
Tae Kim -

Please submit your votes by email to, with the
1. Your name
2. Your school
3. For each position, Yes or No, in terms of whether you are in support of the candidate
Even though only one candidate is listed for each position, votes need to be
submitted for each of them. If you wish to abstain from voting for a
particular position, then indicate "abstain" for that position.

The deadline for voting is 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, June 12.
Only one vote per school will be counted. Invalid votes will not be counted.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask at the email address given above.
Thanks for your participation!

2018 Elections for NCTTA Board of Directors

To NCTTA school club presidents, members, alumni, coaches, and supporters:

The time has come for elections for certain positions on the NCTTA Board of Directors. For those of you interested in further involvement with NCTTA, here is your opportunity to play a crucial role in the direction of the organization, as well as that of college table tennis in the US and beyond.

These are the positions that are open for election.  They are 4-year positions.

  • Vice President External
  • Treasurer
  • Athlete Representative

Please remember to read the NCTTA bylaws for qualifications to run and the description for each position:

Candidates must submit a Statement of Intent to to be approved to run for the NCTTA Board of Directors, Deadine is June 5th.

On or around June 6th, the statements will be posted and approved candidates will be announced.

At that time, voting will begin, and will take place until June 12th. Voting will be done by presidents (or representatives) of each NCTTA member school; each school will have 1 vote for each position.

Training for newly-elected Board members will occur immediately after election is complete and terms will officially begin on July 1.

Please any direct any questions to

To those who decide to run, NCTTA wishes you the best of luck

NCTTA Coaching Certification in Northeast at Zing! Table Tennis

(Pictured above, one of UC Davis coaches, Jace Jackson working with star woman player Aditi Chodri) Pic by James Wang
NCTTA's Coaching Committee has been busy at work setting up yet another College Table Tennis Certification training. For Coaches and fans the first training was last September at the University of Iowa.
NCTTA will send two trainers, Alan Chu and Willy Leparulo to conduct the training. Leparulo says, "I am super excited to be able to bring our talented coaches in NCTTA this training. Alan and I went through it last September and can't wait to meet the new crop of coaches. We are very lucky to be at Zing! Table Tennis Center."
Zing! Table Tennis center is situated very close to 5 well known colleges and the UMass Table Tennis club team practices at Zing as well!
This is open to all current NCTTA Coaches and or others wanting to get involved in Collegiate Table Tennis coaching. This training will also count for USATT Club Coaching Certification.
Click here to register!
What: NCTTA College Table Tennis Coaching Certification:
June 30: 9am to noon; 1:30pm to 5pm,
July 1st: 9am to noon; 1pm to 4pm
122 Pleasant St Suite 111, 
Easthampton, MA 01027 
Why: To be able to professionalize College Table Tennis Coaching
Cost: $75.00 per person, click on signup to pay and sign up
Book: One must purchase "ITTF-IPTTC Level 1 Coaching Manual" for the certification: purchase link

NCTTA Best Of The Best Announced

Every year after the Championships NCTTA celebrates "the best of the best" of the year. NCTTA will award VISA gift cards to each winnes of each category!
(NYU winner of most improved, coach of the year and male athlete of the year pictured above)
This year's winners are:
  • Male Athlete of the Year: Tom Feng (NYU)
  • Female Athlete of the Year: Yue Wu (Texas Wesleyan)
  • Rookie of the Year: Kai Zhang (Binghamton)
  • Coach of the Year: Yanjun Gao (NYU)
  • Rookie Team: Bryn Mawr College
  • Most Improved Team: New York University
  • Division Director of the Year: Doru Gheorge (Texas Division)
  • Regional Director of the Year: Ryan Hsu (West Region)
This is what one nominator wrote about Coach Gao from NYU, "This is the second year of Gao being the coach for NYU, and the first time he led the team in the Nationals. Coaching for two very competitive teams and a numbers of players was very difficult and exhausting, but Gao would always be standing there behind and providing vital support for his players."
Ryan Hsu, Regional Director for the West had many positive comments too including "Very accommodating to all teams and very efficient. Runs the tournament very quickly with little delays and ensures that all teams get enough matches. Ryan is also very kind and friendly all the time. Extremely responsive and responds to inquiries extremely quickly."
Congrats to all that were nominated and to our winners!

BEST of the BEST--2018

Nominate someone today for the NCTTA Superlatives!

Deadline is May 10th


-email your nomination and WHY to this email by the deadline


-if you want a PUBLIC Shout out post their picture on Instagram tagging @nctta with the hashtag #NCTTAbest2018 and tell us why they are deserving to be recognized!

Categories are here

Male Athlete of the Year
Female Athlete of the Year
Rookie of the Year:
Coach of the Year:
Rookie Team:
Most Improved Team:
Division Director of the Year
Regional Director of the Year

*Rookie Teams are school teams that have never participated in the NCTTA or NCTTA Championships (Subject to NCTTA historical records)

*Rookie of the year are players new to College Table Tennis (they can be any year Freshman/sophomore/junior/senior/graduate student) also subject to NCTTA historical records

*Division and Regional Directors must be current to 2017-18 competition year

This is not only taking into account National Championships, so nominate a team or player that didn't make it to the champs, but make your case for why!

Winners are awarded a gift card!